Thursday, December 24, 2009

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URL for Images in digital collage
The above are the URLs for the pictures in my Digital Collage.

Digital Collage

Friday, December 18, 2009

Google Map

Don't mind if it's not that good.It's my first time.

View Places I have gone to during the holidays in a larger map

Post 2

This was my first time creating a blog,so I was kind of unsure what I should type down.Maybe I typed too much in the first post.I was also a little distracted by the news as the television was on.I was not that keen on writing something public (I have never Been) and took some thinking on what to right.I think blogging can help us in parts where we can post some of our problems and others can help us solve it.It would help us students become better friends by communicating more I guess.

Post 1

I chose the following pictures (this was becasue I could not find one that had both feelings) as they described my feelings when I heard from my Form teacher that I got into SST.I was happy that I got into my dream school and did not need to go through the hassle of selecting 6 schools for the sec 1 posting exercise.I was surprised as my mum told me she read on the news paper that sst was filled up before the day I recieved my PSLE results.State any problems with this post in the comments and I will try to fix them as this is my first blog.
Daniel Chan